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Can Your Bikini Smell Good?

You can highlight your beach sex appeal by scenting your bikini set. Because bikinis are usually made of artificial fabrics, you must never apply the perfume straight onto the beachwear. Instead wrap your bikini set in a heavily perfumed piece of cloth and keep it there for a day or so. You can do the same thing […]

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Know your scents; to Help You Smell Sexy

Smell is one sense which arouses many feelings and triggers many memories. Using a good perfume is also a great way to feel refreshed, comfortable, and sexy. Ask yourself whom you would be more attracted to at first glance: a conventionally attractive person who smells bad, or an average looking person who smells great? […]

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Perfume 101

Have you ever been on public transportation, or in the mall, when you were smacked in the face by someone else’s perfume? Perhaps your grandma bathes in it, or you had a teacher that reeked of musk. Why didn’t they realize just how potent their stench is? It […]

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