Know your scents; to Help You Smell Sexy
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Know your scents; to Help You Smell Sexy

Smell is one sense which arouses many feelings and triggers many memories. Using a good perfume is also a great way to feel refreshed, comfortable, and sexy. Ask yourself whom you would be more attracted to at first glance: a conventionally attractive person who smells bad, or an average looking person who smells great? Bad body odor is associated with poor hygiene, so it is natural that a person who does not smell good, will seem the opposite of sexy.

So, we unearth the various secrets to ensuring you know your perfumes right, and what to do with them. Here are some perfume tricks and tips you need to buy and wear a perfume suited to you.

Know your scents

Know your scents; to Help You Smell Sexy

The most important thing to remember when picking a scent is the concentration of perfume and water in it. Based on this, you can select a fragrance for the occasion. For a refreshing sprit after a hot shower before bedtime, pick a splash. If you need a fragrance for work, pick an EDT or cologne, as they will last just fine in cold, air-conditioned spaces. If you are going dancing or for a wedding, pick something strong, like an EDP, or perfume.



Test before buying

The most hateful thing about buying perfumes today is having to spritz it on a piece of paper to smell it. This does not allow one to know how it smells on our body. A scent changes when mixed with out body heat and our own smell, so it cannot be tested by smelling it on paper. Always apply it onto your skin and wear it for a while to test it. This is because you will only be able to smell it once it dries, and not immediately. Also remember, perfume that smells great on your friend does not have to smell good on you. Scents are all about expression, so pick one that you are comfortable in, and which you feel represents you.

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